The Intelligent, Loyal, and Brave German Shepherd

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We are a German Shepherd breeder in Northern Minnesota (Mn.) 
German Shepherd puppies, raised to be family companions, IPO titled German Shepherds, Service or therapy German Shepherds. Our German Shepherds are AKC Registered, healthy German shepherds, and just simply beautiful full blooded West German Showline German Shepherds.
Breeding family raised German Shepherd puppies that are black and red, or solid black in color. We produce short coats, stock coats, or long coat German Shepherds.
We are driving distance from the Twin Cities, Duluth, Grand Rapids, Fargo, North Dakota, Manitoba and Ontario in Canada.   We have German Shepherd puppies living everywhere from North Dakota and South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa to each end of the United States and Canada too!

 Thank you for contacting us in your search for a German Shepherd puppies or maybe even a retired or older German Shepherd. We pride ourselves on sharing our passion for the German Shepherd breed with our families and individuals who purchase a German Shepherd puppy from us. We enjoy the loyalty, love and compassion of this great breed. German shepherds are known for their loyalty and intelligence. If you’re looking for a beautiful and one of a kind purebred AKC Registered  family raised German Shepherd, you’ve come to the right breeder.  
  As a responsible breeder, our goal is to find suitable homes and families for each and every German Shepherd Puppy.  We want to ensure that our German Shepherd puppies are not only loving and healthy, but excellent representatives of the German Shepherd breed. Our German Shepherds are beloved members of our family. Each and every one of our German Shepherds have a very special place in our heart. They are our best friends and are loved beyond belief.  We put time and research into producing quality AKC registered German shepherds that are fun to be around, loyal, loving, beautiful, and easily trainable.  We produce the type of German Shepherd that will become a great asset to your family.  We are thankful for our  German Shepherds and the people they have brought into our lives.  Breeding these wonderful dogs is truly our passion! 



The German Shepherds we focus on breeding are West German Showline. Our shepherds are black and red or solid black. We produce short coat German Shepherds, stock coat German Shepherds, and long coat German Shepherds.  


 Farah lovin’ on Garry

We are located in Northern Minnesota (MN). right next to beautiful Lake of the Woods.  We are driving distance from the Twin Cities, Duluth, Grand Forks, Fargo, Grand Rapids,  Ontario and Manitoba in Canada.   We have German Shepherd puppies living every where from Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa to each end of the United States and Canada too!  We encourage you to come meet us and visit our dogs and our kennel…the best part of owning and running a reputable breeding program is the wonderful people we meet and the friends we make!
German Shepherd Breeders in Northern Minnesota (Mn.)

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